Thanks for a Fun Run!

Setting this particular pen down. Thank you everyone for your friendship, and for all the great music, theatre, and artsy things I got to enjoy.

Street Sounds

Craig Paterson of Temple Wind Flutes, playing in the meadow behind United Church one fine Spring afternoon

Behind the Lines

A powerful group exhibition at Mahon Hall, from contemporary Syrian artists


Finding your way back to yourself with Toko-pa's Jungian Sufi mashup

Street Sounds

Edith Lettner, burning down her own exhibit at the Salt Spring Gallery with watercolored Coltrane saxophone

Up In Arms

Amanda Spottiswoode's trilogy of Jack London-style children's books concludes with this WWII Vancouver Island land, sea, and air adventure, and features a cameo by gun-toting island legend Cougar Annie. Spottiswoode is a veteran traveler herself, having spent summers with her husband on their thirty-four-foot wooden sloop, which lends an air of authenticity throughout. There's lots of practical advice along the way: how to navigate choppy waters in a small vessel (hit the waves at a 45 degree angle), combat seasickness (stare at the horizon), as well as a couple of tasty skillet recipes. Young readers will hopefully be inspired by the main action of ethical thievery, and carry that activist idealism forward into adulthood.

Photographer Greg Klassen reimagines island past and present in large format panoramic form

Street Sounds

Craig Marcuk, the artist known as one foot chop, singing, fiddling, and clogging some ketchup


Midsummer merriment and buffonery with the serious clowning of Matthew Poki McCorkle and friends

Quintessential Canada Day at Blackburn Lake Nature Reserve, home of the Salt Spring Island Conservancy

Street Sounds

Octogenarians with attitude, older and bolder, bustin' heads and taking names — The Raging Grannies


Of raw milk, weed, and gumboots: the first film of David I. Strasser

The non-stop tour of B.C.'s own Kinder Morgan and Site C Dam folksinging protest voice

Stemming the end of the world tide with filmmakers Isabelle Groc and Mike McKinlay, one tiny toad at a time

Street Sounds

Spring songbird Andrea AJ Davidson at sundown, on a perfect Spring evening

A one-man global consciousness art fest of smooth groovyness and neo chill vibes

Novelist Terry Fallis outs his twinhood on the first stop of his Gulf Island reading tour

The diverse abilities gang share insight into their sense of self in relation to community

Brenda Guiled covers everything South End and Ruckle in this addition to the local history canon